How is my price determined?

My price comes from a couple different places. First, my time to photograph your wedding, and the time spent editing the gallery! Did you know that from the moment that I upload a wedding gallery to my computer to the moment I send it out I typically work on the photos for about 30 hours? WHOA! The second thing that contributes to the overall price is my business expenses, including the fabulous gear I use, editing programs, being licensed and insured, having this website, etc! Lastly, you are paying for my 7+ years of experience photographing weddings, my unique knowledge of the field, and my artistic vision!

What if we have to reschedule for COVID?

The contract that you receive when you book with me has a WHOLE page about COVID complications and reschedules! In summary, if you have to cancel or reschedule your wedding because of COVID, I will give you priority to rebook with no fees within a year of the original date! 

I am fully vaccinated and will follow whatever mask policy and covid restrictions you set for your big day!

How do I get a free engagement session?

Email me!! All of my wedding packages come with a FREE engagement session so I can get to know you both better, get you more comfortable in front of the camera, and to let you get more comfy with me so that I don't feel like a stranger on your big day!

Do you do portrait sessions for families and couples?

I do! I love all kinds of photography, and when I started my business 7 years ago I primarily did seniors and families for the first 3 years! Email me to inquire!

What does your photography resume look like?

My photography resume looks like a CVS receipt quite frankly. I have done every kind of photography you can imagine! I have worked with fashion companies, families, seniors, weddings, styled shoots, still products, etc etc etc! As far as my wedding expertise, I have worked in weddings for 4+ years, have worked with over 170 couples, shot over 25 weddings, and have never ever had a dissatisfied customer.  I studied photography for a year at Montana State University, and have been mentored by some of the best in the biz, including Jenna Kutcher, Jeff Armstrong, Kevin Maston, and more!