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I value your friends & family

The heart of who I am and how I run my business is my love for people, both when I'm holding the camera and when I'm not.

 Not only the love between you and your future spouse, but the love between you and your family, your friends, your pets. Your story is uniquely yours because of the support systems you have in your life, and the weight of every one of these people being in the same room to celebrate your love is not lost on me! I'm passionate about capturing the feeling of being surrounded by loved ones. 

I love love!

I value authentic moments

As a documentary style photographer, my goal is to capture how every moment felt in the most authentic and beautiful way possible.

I love working with couples who value true emotion and authenticity. That means you might get a photo of you scarfing down your dinner, making a wild face on the dance floor, or ugly crying before walking down the aisle. Authentic love and emotion is not always aesthetic and beautiful, but when you grow old, and are looking at your gallery to remember your day, it will be cherished. And thats the heart of what I do


I dont want your wedding day to feel like a photoshoot

I truly  value your experience

I believe that professional wedding photography is a luxury service, and I treat you as such! It's important to me to make your day as stress free as possible. My 9 years of experience in the industry has helped me craft a seamless and supportive client experience. In addition to each package, I include a welcome and post-wedding gift, questionnaires to help you perfect your schedule, shot list, and wedding plan, multiple consultations to make sure I photograph your day, and the details you've worked tirelessly on, exactly as you've envisioned! I'll show up to your getting ready suite with you & your fiancés favorite coffees in hand, and an emergency bag in the other (because I know a thing or two about the things that usually go wrong, and the quick fixes!). When you hire me, you know that you not only have a true professional and expert of the wedding industry, but a supportive friend to lean on throughout the most emotional, fun, chaotic, beautiful day of your life!

I value our connection

The harsh reality of hiring a wedding photographer is that you're hiring someone to be with you in your most vulnerable, emotional moments. Its important to hire someone you feel a connection with, and its okay if thats not me!

If you're a couple who's little goofy, loves trying new restaurants, have learnt about love languages, aren't afraid to laugh at yourselves, and are joyful and kind, I think we'll be two (three?) peas in a pod!! 

Its important to me that it feels like you have a friend, not a stranger, photographing your day!

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What Makes Me Different?

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What to expect when you're expecting... 

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A organized gallery of professionally edited images, and a backup USB

A professional photographer with 9 years of experience under her belt. 

A free engagement session

A complimentary wedding album

Multiple consultations to perfect your custom wedding photography experience

can i be honest for a second?

I know that you've probably looked at several (like, SEV-ER-AL) other photographers. Don't worry, I'm not the jealous type!  It can be overwhelming to choose the person responsible for how you'll remember your wedding for the rest of your life. It's hard to know who to choose. I believe that what makes me different, and valuable, is my genuine passion for what I do. With me, you're not only getting a stunning wedding gallery, where each image is a piece of art, but you also recieve the peace of mind that comes with my experience. I have over 9 years of professional photography under my belt. I have a degree in psychology, taught in public schools, and worked in social services, so there is truly not a situation out there I can't navigate. I have the best gear the industry has to offer, and editing skills that have taken years to perfect. When you hire me as your wedding photographer, you're not only getting a true professional and expert of the industry, but someone who deeply cares about each and every person I work with. I'll befriend half your guest list by the time the ceremony starts, your bridesmaids will see me as their personal hype woman, and the groomsmen will forever remember me as the gal who reminded them that they had to be ready, like, 20 minutes ago. We will spend time together chatting about your exact vision for your wedding photos, we will craft a fun, flirty, and GORGEOUS engagement session, and you'll have not just a photographer, but a newfound bestie, by your side throughout your wedding day. I truly care about the art of photography, and I care (even more) about the beauty of people. 

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