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Your time is important to me, and I don't want to waste it! To get my current packages and pricing ASAP, fill out a contact form and I will get back to you within 24 hours!

One of my MUST HAVES with all of my couples is to feel a connection. I care deeply about each and every one of my clients, and hope you will be a part of the Shanoah Bri family! 

My packages are custom for each and every couple I work with. I want to learn about exactly what you envision for your wedding gallery, make sure we're a good fit, and create a package that is centered around your wedding photography vision and values! 

If you're looking for a photographer in the 1k - 2k range, I might not be the gal for you! Although I am priced competitively for my experience and expertise level, I am not the cheapest photographer out there, and I don't want to be! My goal is to work with couples who truly value the ability to relive their wedding day through stunning, authentic, and timeless imagery.

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I know that you've probably looked at several (like, SEV-ER-AL) other photographers. Don't worry, I'm not the jealous type! (well maybe I am a little, what can I say, I'm passionate about what I do!) It can be overwhelming to choose, and I genuinely empathize with the position you're in. I would love to say that what makes me different is that I care so much about the couples I work with, that I deliver beautiful and timeless galleries, that I have years of experience and a ton of happy customers, but lets face it, I'm in the same boat as a lot of other photographers with those things! What makes me different at the end of the day is my connection with 


You know yourself better than I do, so ask yourself, are we a good fit? Do you value your memories and your love more than anything else? Do you want a natural and timeless style? Do you prefer candid pics over posed? If you're on the fence, or ready to dive in,  lets schedule a call!

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