Shannon & Freida



Shannon & Freida started their day getting ready at the lush riverside Chateau Rive. Each detail of their day was curated to show the unique aspects of their relationship, what they value as a couple, and the love they have for each other. This was a traditional Jewish wedding - the first I've photographed!  It was an immense privilege and a heartwarming experience to witness and document the treasured rituals that made this day so unforgettable.

As their dearest loved ones looked on in awe, they signed The Ketubah, solidifying their commitment to one another before embarking on the next chapter of their love story. Meanwhile, the anticipation grew among guests filtering into the ceremony space, eagerly anticipating the joyous celebration ahead. With their parents by their side, they made their way down the aisle towards a beautiful traditional ceremony, eager to declare their love in front of all who gathered there.

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As the enchanting melody filled the air, the ceremony commenced. In a heartwarming gesture, they chose to have both of their parents accompany them down the aisle, symbolizing the merging of two families and the start of a new journey together. One of my favorite photos of the day is shown below. Shannon, overcome with emotion at his Bride, wiped away a tear while his mother beamed with joy at Frieda, her soon to be daughter-in-law. Witnessing such raw emotion and unconditional love captured in a single frame is what makes wedding photography so magical.

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